Set Up

1. After the 30-day trial period, is my data kept?

When you ask for a 30-day trial period, you receive a username and password for a live environment. This will be your environment when you will decide to purchase our services. Everything you do during the 30-day trial period, such as shipments, settings, and tables, is kept and you can continue using it after this period. We can supply you with a demo environment where data already exists and changes you make will not be kept. Please contact your account manager in Logitude and ask for a demo environment.

2. Do I need to back-up my data?

Because we back-up your data, you don’t need to. All customer data is backed up daily. Every transaction is saved on three different servers so we can immediately recover your data in case of a hardware failure. We also run a continuous offsite data back-up service using a backup facility for further real-time data protection. However, if you would like to obtain a copy of your data, you may do so at any time by simply using the export data tool. Find out more about our technology , security and how to export data out of Logitude.

3. Where is my data stored?

Your data is being hosted and securely storedat the Microsoft Windows® Azure™ datacenter. a world leading cloud provider, delivering the highest levels of availability, performance and security. Find out more about our technology and security.

4. Can Logitude staff see my shipments and other data?

No. All transactions and data (shipments, quotes, invoices, etc…) are secured and cannot be viewed by any employee of Logitude. If you need any assistance with your Logitude account you can temporarily invite our Help-Desk team to assist you and then revoke their access again once the issue is resolved. Find out more about our security, our privacy policy and how to give access to our Help-Desk team.

5. Which browsers are supported?

You can use any of the main browsers in order to use Logitude in HTML5 version:

  • Chrome(2 latest version)
  • Firefox(2 latest version)
  •  Opera(2 latest version)

Coming soon : Safari

6. Can I use my local printer?

Logitude will work with any printer you have today. If you can print a PDF file and an Excel spreadsheet from your PC on your local printer, so can Logitude. The only feature that requires a more advanced printer is the double-side waybill (printing the Waybill on one side and the contract on the other side of a page in the same printing run). It is recommended, but not mandatory, to have a printer that supports double-sided printing to benefit from this feature.

7. Do I need a special hardware?

No. The only thing you need is to be connected to the internet through a web browser.


1. What are Data Storage and Documents Storage?

Data Storage is the archive of all the data entered while using the Logitude services. It contains shipments, quotes, receivables, payables, customers, contacts, documents created by Logitude and the like. Documents Storage is the archive of all the external documents filed by you. When you upload documents (e.g. OBL, packing list, commercial invoice, POD) into Logitude they are kept in the Documents Storage.

2. Is there a limit on the storage I use?

There is no limit on the Data Storage you use, meaning there is no limit to the number of shipments or quotes you can open in Logitude. There is a limit on the Documents Storage. When you subscribe to the Logitude business package service you will receive 2 GB per user. This means that a company with 5 users will have 10 GB of Documents Storage.

3. How many documents can be stored in 1 GB of storage?

The answer to this question depends on the size of each of the documents stored. For a general calculation we can estimate the size of an average document as 200k, and hence 1 GB is equivalent to 10,000 documents and in a company with 5 users (10 GB of storage) this is equivalent to 50,000 documents.

4. What is the cost of adding more space to the Documents Storage?

Each additional GB will cost one USD per month. This means that if a company with 5 users and 10 GB of storage needs to add 1 GB to the Documents Storage, the cost of the monthly subscription will grow by 1 USD only.

5. Can I change my service package in the future?

You can upgrade or downgrade your service package at any time; upgrades go into effect immediately. Downgrading the service package takes effect at the end of the billing cycle.

6. Can I cancel my subscription?

Sure! You can cancel your subscription at any time and for any reason. We offer a 30-day free trial plus a 30-day money back guarantee for your first month of subscription.

7. How does the 30-day free trial work?

The 30-day trial provides you with full a access to our recommended Business Package. During the trial period we will do our best to help you use as many features as possible, so that you understand how they help you save time, money and make you more productive. It is our goal to make sure you enjoy the system and understand its benefits.

At the end of the 30-day period, you will be able to choose to stay with the Business Package or move to the Economy package.

8. How do you count users?

Logitude licenses are for “named” users. It means that each user that will need to use the service will need a username and password.

9. Which package should I choose?

Economy : Logitude was designed to allow full use with the Economy package. There are no limitations as to the number of users or number of shipments and all modules are for you to use. It also provides a suite of tools for managing your business more effectively and efficiently.

Business : With this package you can use everything that is available in the Economy package, plus the following:

  • Additional business tools that will save you time & money and help you become more productive: Follow-up and to-do lists, personal workspace, External documents archive and more
  • Collection and customer balance features will allow you to use Logitude in order to track your customers’ payments and balance
  • Powerful customization tools to help you create your own queries, personalize fields, messages, permissions and more

Please check our full feature list to learn more

10. What are the upfront costs for joining Logitude?

There are no upfront or setup costs required in order to start using Logitude’s freight forwarding solutions. All you do is select the appropriate pricing plan and start enjoying our SaaS offering. There is no obligation period for using Logitude’s software solutions once you have signed up – you can start and stop at any time with no penalties. Management of your freight forwarding lifecycle was never easier!

11. Can I pay in my local currency?

Yes you can. We use the services of Bluesnap. a global leader in online secured payments solutions. When placing your order you will be able to choose the currency in which to be billed and your favorite payment method.

Please note that the following currency conversion fees (markup percent) will apply:

CategoryMarkup*Currency Codes
Majors2.00%EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD
Exotics6.00%60+ exotic currencies available upon request

12. Do you charge VAT?

You will not be charged with VAT if you provide us with a valid VAT ID. If we don’t have your valid VAT ID, we will charge VAT if you are a non-business Customer located in the EU.

13. How do I pay for the Logitude service?

You can pay monthly or annually. Monthly payments are via credit card; annual payments are via credit card or bank transfer. Payment by wire transfer is allowed only for annual subscriptions, and it requires additional $16 for transfer fees + local wire transfer fees.

14. When do I get the annual discount?

A discount is granted to annual payments via credit card or PayPal. The annual discount does not apply to wire transfers.

15. How much do I need to pay for an additional environment ?

If the users are the same as those of the current (parent) environment, then you just need to pay the minimum charge. There is a minimum charge of 1 user per additional environment. Once the minimum charge is paid, all the users in the parent environment will have free access to the new environment.

If there will be new users in the additional environment, then the payment is per user. Users in an additional environment do not have free access to the parent environment.


1. Do I need special hardware to use the e-AWB package?

No. The only thing you need is an Internet connection. This means that you can access your account from everywhere at any time you like! You can create AWBs, send and receive messages from any computer in your reach. Just log in to your account and start working.

2. How do I avoid paying the $25 Paper AWB surcharge coming from the airlines?

Easy, start using Logitude e-AWB.

3. What is the main difference between the e-AWB package and other Logitude packages?

The e-AWB package is limited to Air and Export, and you cannot use it for creating quotes and invoices.

4. Can I upgrade to higher plans with greater benefits?

Absolutely! Please contact us at any time at info@logitudeworld.com and we will be happy to assist you to upgrade to our Economy or Business package.

5. What about training?

Logitude was designed with the main purpose of being easy to use!  Consequently, you will be able to effectively use Logitude e-AWB on your first try. Nevertheless, we have extensive documentation and videos, which you can find on the Getting Started page in Logitude: e-AWB Quick Tour and e-AWB Tutorial that demonstrate the basic and the complicated procedures for opening and sending AWBs to the airlines. In addition, you will be assigned an account manager who will provide you with live training, and you will have full service support that will guide you and help you all the way!

6. After subscription, when do I need to purchase an AWB package?

You will need to purchase your first AWB package with your subscription. Five e-AWBs are supplied free of charge for testing purposes, following completion of the registration processes with the airlines.

7. When I formally subscribe, how long does it take for me to be live?

Standard registration with an airline takes up to 30 days, depending on the airline’s response time to our registration request.  In some cases more time might be needed.

8. Does the Logitude 30-day free trial include e-AWB?

The free trial includes simulation of transmission of e-AWBs to airlines. Live transmissions in a free trial environment are not permitted due to registration processes within the airlines. All other Logitude functionality is available during the 30-day trial.

9. Can I try the service before I subscribe?

Yes! We have a demo environment where you can try the service. You can even simulate transmissions to airlines. Please contact us at info@logitudeworld.com.

10. Which airlines are supported?

Logitude e-AWB interfaces with the most leading airline companies in the world! For the full list of airlines click here.

11. Is the AWB package used when transmitting a HAWB to an airline?

You pay per message transmitted to an airline. If you transmit a MAWB and all the HAWBs, then you pay for all. Please note that it is advised to transmit HAWBs only in cases where due to such action you will avoid airlines fees.

12. How much do AWB packages cost?

AWB packages are shared across all of your users and are valid for 12 months (after which unused AWB credits will expire). Larger packages incorporate discounts reducing the cost per AWB. Additional packages can be purchased at any time.

13. What are the costs of e-AWB?

e-AWB is based on a subscription fee plus pay-per-use fees for the AWBs transmitted to the airlines. For pay-per-use plans, see packages below. Subscription is free for existing Logitude Economy and Business customers – you only need to pay per AWB transmitted to the airlines. If you are not a Logitude customer, subscription to the e-AWB package is only USD 20 per user per month. Using the Logitude e-AWB package will typically save you, USD 10 in airline fees, per AWB.

14. If an airline does not support e-AWB at my origin, do I still benefit from the Logitude e-AWB package?

Primarily, you can avoid some airline fees by supplying Master and House AWBs electronically. You benefit from printing AWBs on blank A4 paper and receiving automatic statuses from the airlines, which you can forward to your customer.

15. If I use the Logitude e-AWB package can I stop printing AWB’s?

Yes, assuming you have signed an “e-AWB agreement” with the airlines. This contract is needed since the e-AWB replaces the paper AWB as a contract of carriage between the “shipper” (forwarder) and the airline.

16. What is e-AWB?

e-AWB is an IATA initiative to remove the paper AWB and replace it with electronic data.


1. What type of customization can I ask the Logitude team to do for me?

There are many things we can do for you. Please ask us! Following are some examples: Make changes in the invoice layout (you might need languages other than English) or in other documents, add documents that are missing, add necessary fields, upload your customers list into the system, and more.

2. Is customization free?

Customization is free but limited to Business Package customers and to a maximum of two work days. Economy Package customers can enjoy free customization only when related to the invoice layout.

3. How can I ensure that everything I need is free?

Very easy – you have a 30 day free trial period during which you have full access to the Logitude service. Please check all the documents and forms needed. In most  cases, you can choose between different layouts of the same document to find the one that best fits your needs. When ready, send us a list of requested customizations as detailed as possible. We will check the list and let you know, prior to your subscription, if there is a cost involved and the expected time frame.

4. When will the customization be done?

Usually we do most of the customization within a week or two. More complicated tasks (such as new documents) might take more time.

5. Do I need to be a customer to receive free customization?

We will satisfy many of your requests while you are still in the trial environment, but we will ask you to subscribe in order for us to perform the more complicated stuff. We are sure you understand that we will need some commitment.

6. What if I need customization that takes more than 2 free days?

Then we might decide to ask for payment. If you submit the full customization request in advance, we will be able to let you know ahead of time if it all fits in the free days. And anyhow you don’t need to worry – we charge only USD 650 per work day.

7. Can I ask for developments other than customization?

Of course you can and we would even like you to. We learn from our customer requests and make the Logitude service better.

If all of our customers can benefit from your request, we will do it for free. We cannot however guarantee an end date for such work as it depends on our roadmap and availability.

Rarely, when the development is specifically for you, we will ask for a payment.

8. Can I customize Logitude by myself?

There are many things in Logitude that you customize yourself: you can create your own queries, add and design email messages to customers or other partners, upload a company logo, set the signatures for your outgoing emails, and many more. However, there are things that you will need your distributor or the Logitude team to do.


1. Subscription Process


1.1. How do I subscribe to Logitude?

The subscription process is conducted via BlueSnap – a third party global payments company. Logitude employs BlueSnap’s services for handling the payment transactions and managing customers’ subscription accounts.

You start by clicking the Settings  button in the ribbon at the top of your Logitude page and choosing the relevant subscription option. Then, you will be directed to BlueSnap to complete the payment, and through BlueSnap you will receive a confirmation and a payment receipt and access to your order information and invoice. For detailed instructions, please go to How do I proceed after choosing a subscription option?

Once your subscription has started, you can access your BlueSnap account to add more user subscriptions, update details and print invoices.

1.2. How do I proceed after choosing a subscription option?

After choosing a subscription option you will be directed to BlueSnap’s Secure Order Form.






























Take the following steps to subscribe to any one of Logitude’s services.

Step 1: Submit order and payment details

In the Secure Order Form, do the following:

  1. In the Order Information section, choose the package you want to order. The Quantity field shows the number of users. Change it if necessary and click to update the total amount.
  2. In the New Account section, enter all the required details. Then, choose a method of payment. Note that the Wire Transfer option is available only for annual subscriptions. To pay by wire transfer, please go to Can I pay by wire transfer?
  3. Where necessary, enter the details of the method of payment. For example, when paying by credit card, enter the details in the Credit Card Information
  4. Click Submit (when paying by credit card) or Next.

Step 2: Order Confirmation

After submitting your order and payment details, you will get to the Order Information page, and at the same time receive an order confirmation email.

The Order Information page

Note that you can also open the order confirmation email from this page, by clicking on the link (here).

The Order Confirmation – Receipt email

The order confirmation email is the receipt for your payment. The subject of this email will contain the order reference number.

The receipt will contain the transaction details – the order reference number, your account number and the order date, and a link to your order where you can view details, resend the payment receipt, and print the invoice.

1.3. Can I print an invoice for the payment I made?

The confirmation email you receive will contain a link to your order page where you can view the payment details and print an invoice.

Click the link to navigate to your order.











Enter the email address you supplied during registration and click Submit.

The order page contains all the details relating to your subscription. In this page, you can:

  • Click the Send button to resend the payment receipt to the registered email address.
  • Click View Invoice to view the invoice, and print it (using the File/Print option in your browser).
  • Click Send Reset Password to reset your password.

2. Paying by Wire Transfer

2.1. Can I pay by wire transfer?

Yes. But, please note that payment by wire transfer is allowed only for annual subscriptions, and only in US dollars. It requires additional $16 for transfer fees. It might also require local bank transfer fees.

To perform a wire transfer payment, see instructions in What are the steps for paying by wire transfer?

2.2. What are the steps for paying by wire transfer?

Step 1: Select the subscription option

In the ribbon at the top of your Logitude page, click the Settings  button and select the relevant subscription option.

Step 2: Submit order details

In the Secure Order Form, do the following:

  1. In the Order Information section, choose the annual package you want to order. The Quantity field shows the number of users. Change it if necessary and click to update the total amount.
  2. In the New Account section, enter all the required details. In Method of Payment, choose Wire Transfer.
  3. Click Next.


Step 3: Review order details and wire transfer order instructions

The Wire Transfer Order Instructions page contains the details of the bank account to which the payment should be transferred.

Review the details of your order in this page, and read the instructions.

Step 4: Print proforma invoice and transfer the payment

In the Wire Transfer Order Instructions page, click the Generate Proforma Invoice button to display the proforma invoice for the bank.






























Follow these instructions, and perform the necessary steps:

Print the proforma invoice for the bank, and transfer the stated Total amount, which includes the processing fee and the wire fee (see “Fees” below).

The total amount must be paid in US Dollars only.

Fees: Make sure you pay all the fees that apply to the transfer. There are three types of fees associated:

  • Manual processing fee charged by BlueSnap: $8.00 (automatically added in the proforma)
  • Wire fee charged by BlueSnap: $8.00 (automatically added in the proforma)
  • Bank fees: Please note that if you do not pay the bank fees, your subscription will end earlier to cover for the amount.

Make sure the bank includes the order Reference Number in the wire transfer transmittal (your order cannot be processed without it).

Once the payment is transferred, notify us by sending an email with the order document (including order number) and the bank proof of the transfer (BlueSnap will notify us only after the payment was received, which can take several days).

The bank will transfer the payment to BlueSnap within a couple of business days, but it may take up to five more days for BlueSnap to complete the order. BlueSnap will send you a confirmation email regarding the payment.

You can view and print the invoice via your BlueSnap account.

For assistance about a purchase, you can contact BlueSnap via their Shopper Support page: support@bluesnap.zendesk.com or call BlueSnap directly at +1 (866) 312-7733.

3. How do I access my subscription account?

Once your subscription has started, you can access your BlueSnap account to add more user subscriptions, update details and print invoices. Click the Settings  button in the ribbon at the top of your Logitude page, and select the Manage Your BlueSnap Account option.

You can also access your account via this link: https://cp.bluesnap.com/jsp/account_login.jsp.








Enter the Username and Password you specified while filling in the order form, and click Submit.

If you don’t remember your username or password, click the Don’t know your username or password? link.









Enter your username or the Account Number you received in the order confirmation email. Enter your Email Address and click Submit. You will receive an email with your login details.

After logging in, your BlueSnap account page will display as illustrated below.

4. How can I add a new user to my active subscription?

Access your BlueSnap account. In the Active Subscriptions section, click Add.







You will be directed to the Secure Order Form page.
























In Quantity, enter the number of additional users.

Enter customer information in the required fields.

Click Next.


















If paying by credit card, enter the credit card information and click Submit.

If paying via wire transfer, go to What are the steps for paying by wire transfer?

You will receive a confirmation email, and the new user will be added to your monthly subscription and payment scheme.

5. I have a new credit card. How do I enter the new details?

Access your BlueSnap account. In the Active Subscriptions section, click Change under Payment Method.







Click Use a New Card.






Fill in the new credit card information and click Submit.


6. Where do I update my address and other personal details?

Access your BlueSnap account. At the top of the account page, click Settings.










Edit the necessary information and click Submit.
















Note that the new details will show on the next subscription payment invoice. Previous invoices may not be altered.


7. Is it possible to see and print current and past invoices?

Yes, definitely. Access your BlueSnap account and perform one of the following:

  • In the Recent Charges section, click on the invoice number you want to view.


















  • Click on Charges Report or click the Charges option at the top of the page.









Specify the period for which you want to display invoices by entering the From Date and To Date. Click Run Report.


8. Bluesnap Questions

8.1. I received a decline message while subscribing. What should I do?

The message “credit card was declined” will appear while processing an order, if your credit card issuer/bank declines the transaction for some reason. Usually, a quick call to your card issuer/bank will clear this up.

8.2. Is your checkout page secure?

The checkout pages are securely hosted and your transaction is always conducted over a secure connection. Sometimes the padlock graphic does not appear in your browser because of the specific settings in Logitude, but this does not impact the security of the checkout process.



If you prefer to complete the transaction by phone, please select the “Phone” option as the Method of Payment in the Secure Order Form. In the next page, you will get phone order instructions with the phone number to call to complete the transaction.











8.3. I did not receive the order confirmation/receipt email

Please check your spam and/or junk mail folders as the email may have been inserted there. If you are still unable to locate the email, contact us at sales@logitudeworld.com or else use the BlueSnap Shopper Support tool.

8.4. How do I contact BlueSnap?

For assistance about a purchase, you can contact BlueSnap via their Shopper Support page: http://home.bluesnap.com/ecommerce/support/shopper/customer-support or call BlueSnap directly at +1 (866) 312-7733.