• e-AWB

    Moving Freight Forwarding ahead without the paperwork.

Reduced Costs, Smarter, More Productive

The tools you need to rollout ecargo strategies to meet IATA and industry targets and deadlines

How can I reduce my costs?

    • Avoid airline fees by transmitting HAWB’s electronically
    • Save money due to the removal of paper AWB’s
    • Enjoy higher productivity:
      • No need to print or archive the AWB’s
      • Reduce delays due to missing or illegible paper AWB’s
      • Prevent human errors
      • Minimize waiting time at the airline desk

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*Billed Annually

Connect your business to airlines

Packages:                                         Price:

100 eAWB's                                    $100

200 eAWB's                                    $180

500 eAWB's                                    $390

1000 eAWB's                                 $650

$20/user/month + AWB Package

Not only e-AWB but much more

Data capturing and message transmission functionalities can be extended to cover all core cargo management requirements. Empowering you with complete end-to-end control over commercial, operational and revenue accounting processes. Collaborative features enable you to share information and work together with other agents, shippers and consignees. This reduces costs, increases efficiency, and offers superior services to your clients.

Participate in the IATA e-AWB initiative

e-AWB and e-freight compliant

A simple way to create and submit e-AWB

No hardware and setup requirements, enables every freight forward to evolve into the paperless e-Freight world.

Full Features

e-AWB Wizard

Building a consolidation

FWB and FHL transmission to airlines

Expected departures management tool

Printing labels and manifests

FSR/FSA – On-demand status check with airlines

FSU – Automatic status update messages from airlines

Emailing documents to customers

AWB numbers stock

e-Booking (selected airlines)

Schedules and availability queries

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